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29 June 2010

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24 June 2008

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Windowed Mirrors
22 June 2008

Recent Comments

Denis M. on jo
I like it, a big sweetness photo.

olivier Paillet on was it me?.....
a very nice shot !! Like the focus and the angle ! Well done

Sergei Z on to be...
Nice shot!

Jane Lai on 10-31-08
the green colour in spring & develop to yellow (the sun light) the tree trunk so soft !!!!very nice picture thanks ...

Shirin S. Moosavi on Smokes
Great DOF. I hope there were at least 5 people smoking all these cigarettes! Nice shot :)

zOOm on 10-31-08
I like this one a lot, it's fresh, it smells summer and mystery... probably because of the dof and the entwined ...

Calusarus on UMSL bike route
Nice one !

Katie...your sis on Off Season
Wow...entertaining, really. They are all just so unique!

Judy on A Symbol Of The Brave
I always love good photos of our flag ... great shot!

MaryP on Tour Of Missouri 2008
Good capture. Being a big fan of 'road racing' i know just how fast these riders are. Well done.

Tony Duque on Beams Of Sun
Wonderful shot, Jonathan! The sun just never stops trying. Thanks for sharing!

Namaki on Hot Air Balloon Race
That's a great shot ! The colours are gorgeous !

Azarakhsh on Hot Air Balloon Race
great shot . amazing colours

Steve on Colorful Sunset
Good angle of view through the tree.

Katie...your sis on Colorful Sunset
pretty colors

zOOm on Colorful Sunset
Great DOF.

JJ on Big And Little Balloons
wonderful vibrant colorful shot

Ronnie 2¢ on Display of Honor and Duty
This really has pride writ large. We need these guys. Nice one.

Barbara on night ride
Nice one.

McKay Coffey on three tree hill
I count nine.

zOOm on three tree hill
What a wonderful view, so powerful and peaceful at the same time... there's really a simplicity and also something ...

Stunner on Light Reading
Great use of lighting!

Kristin on Light Reading
Oh, great! Homage to books, to reading, to the art of writing!

Tamara on Light Reading
Excellent light and shadow! I love it!

Michael on Morning Rise
Very cool shot!

Katie Ellen on Morning Rise
I love it!

Camiller on Forest Fire
Great the title and the photo !

MadScientist on DC architecture
Perfect angle, very good light. A beautiful shot!

Faon on DC architecture
Waow, such a beautiful light !

Michael on Oh Say Can You See
Very impressive flag shot!

Katie...your sis on Oh Say Can You See
Ah....mi favorito! me likey!

Your Wife on 15th
I disagree with the above comment. The focus is on the frontal rocks, with a "blurry silhouette" of the ...

Your Wife on 18th
another favorite amongst co-workers. we're thinking of making a screensaver slideshow :)

Your Wife on 20th
this one is a hit at work!

Your Wife on 22th
I like this one!

Josh on 23th
I like this shot!

bm on 22th
terrific deep tones and great selective focus.

McKay on 21th
I just can't say 21th. Every time I do it comes out 25th. I don't know, I guess that's just me.

Judy on 21th
Good capture. I would prefer it if it weren't 'tipping' to the right.

Rags on 19th
I love the image.

Dr ravi shankar m on 19th

Thomas Griffioen on 16th
Yes indeed, great warm light and a kinda serene atmosphere.

Sandrine on 16th
Great lighting and shot!

Laurent on 15th
it is a kind of strange picture with a very small DOF and still no real subject. But I really enjoy it every thing is ...

Laurent on 16th
really nice light and atmosphere

jamesy on 14th
love this photo the contrast between the still bird and the rippling sand

Joy on 14th
nice...even with 1/160sec the bird looks surprisingly steady

Ana Lúcia on 14th
Splendid moment.

DaveB on 13th
This is cool, the use of lead-in lines and the selective DoF all work really well. I would've liked to see it with ...

Angelica on Mouse
Very creative! :o)

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